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GSLBAA Membership/Sponsorship
Regular Membership—$60.00 -voting member (Derives 50 per cent or more of his/her income from business aviation, whether it be a company, owning, selling, leasing, chartering or maintaining aircraft or a company which sells equipment or services associated with business aircraft.)

Pay for Regular Membership via PayPal​

Corporations/Flight Depts. Memberships

Level 1: (7 members or less) $400.00

Level 2: (8 members or more) $700.00

Memberships for those corporations exceeding the maximum number of regular corporate members at either level are available at $50 per additional person.

Pay for Level 1 Corporate Membership via PayPal

Pay for Level 2 Corporate Membership via PayPal

Associate Membership - $60.00 -voting member (Does not qualify as regular member but is in the aviation industry.)

Pay for Associate Membership via PayPal​

Retired Membership - $30.00 - voting member (Regular or associate member who retires from employment in the field of business aviation.)

Pay for Retired Membership via PayPal

First Responder Membership - $30.00 - A voting membership. This membership is for those that support the aviation industry, both directly, and indirectly through the safety, and security of people, and property within business aviation.

Pay for First Responder Membership via PayPal

Honorary Membership - exempt from dues - non-voting member elected by affirmative vote of regular members.