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GSLBAA Membership/Sponsorship
Regular Membership—$60.00

voting member (Derives 50 per cent or more of his/her income from business aviation, whether it be a company, owning, selling, leasing, chartering
or maintaining aircraft or a company which sells equipment or services associated with business aircraft.)

Corporations/Flight Depts. Memberships

Level 1: (7 members or less) $400.00
Level 2: (8 members or more) $700.00

Memberships for those Level 1 corporations exceeding the maximum number of regular corporate members (7) are available at $50 per
additional person.

Associate Membership - $60.00 -voting member (Does not qualify as regular member but is in the aviation industry.)

Retired Membership - $30.00 - voting member (Regular or associate member who retires from employment in the field of business aviation.)

First Responder Membership - $30.00 - A voting membership. This membership is for those that support the aviation industry, both directly, and indirectly through the safety, and security of people, and property within business aviation.

Honorary Membership - exempt from dues - non-voting member elected by affirmative vote of regular members.

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