4th Annual Aviation Trivia Night 2016

4th Annual Aviation Trivia Night 2016

DateOctober 29, 2016
Event4th Annual Aviation Trivia Night 2016
WhereCBC High School

Thank you for your support!

And The Trophy Goes To:


SLU/Parks College


Tim Keeney Team


Buchanan, Freels, Piazza, Sadlo x 2


PUBlic School Kids
Ceremonial Checks Presented at the Christmas Party

$20,000 Raised and Donated Directly from Trivia Night. $49,500 Combined Giving from both the Trivia Night, and the BAAMO

GSLBAA Educational Foundation Secretary, Dorothy White receives a check from the GSLBAA President, Rich Ropp, and the 2016 BAAMO Chairman, Chris Todtenhausen

Wings of Hope’s Director of Development, Laura Helling receives a check from GSLBAA Vice President, Tim Long, and GSLBAA President, Rich Ropp